Bouncy Cube Ninja

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             Bouncy Cube Ninja

You are a ninja trainer. Your job is to train all of your ninjas to become Ultimate Ninja Warriors. Can you conquer the course?

It is not as easy as it seems and gets harder as you go. The first set not so bad, second still not too hard, third think again. After that you will be tested.

Beat all the levels of this training course and you will become the ultimate ninja warrior trainer and will unlock a level of infinite obstacles to boost your training score and be the highest scoring ninja alive!

[How To Play]

-tap the right side to move forward

-tap the left side to go backward
-don’t touch falling objects
-collect sushi to unlock fellow ninja brothers
-complete all levels to beat the game

Tip: Don’t forget to use the backward move. It is very important!

Good Luck my friends!

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