Zombie 3D Hunter World

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Zombie 3D Hunter World!

An intense, no nonsense Zombie killing thrill ride!

 It’s 2025 and the World has been infected! A modified virus ZF30 took over the World 1 year ago and you are the only survivor that you know of. On your search for more survivors you will need to eliminate all ZF30 infected humans/Zombies along the way.
It won’t be easy. These Zombies have very good hearing, are hungry and love flesh. Be careful, these Zombies will attack at the slightest sound especially at the sound of gun fire.
Collect as many weapons as possible through out your journey to help you kill more Zombies faster.

Zombie World: 3D Hunter is a FPS game where you can:
– Witness stunning 3D graphics with detailed textures
– Enjoy realistic sound effects and music
– Slay Zombies in style with a great weapon system
– Unlock new weapons to face the upcoming zombie waves
– Explore dozens of rooms and streets to kill all ZF30 infected humans
– Experience 3D shooting as a zombie hunter
– Complete all achievements and quests to compete with friends
– Set your nerve to the highest level to deal with different zombie types
– Interact with the environment to defend your position and stay alive
-And become the ultimate zombie slayer to save the WORLD!!

– Complete quests to unlock more cool items and levels
– Shot as many zombie as fast as you can to advance.

– Use side motion when moving room to room
– Shoot while moving backward without zoom
– Once you have unlocked other weapons use (Gun) button to switch between guns during reloads to kill faster during waves of zombies to stay alive.

Note: This game is in HD and may not work perfectly on older devices.